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All You Need to Know About Virtual Bookkeeping service offered by Trust Your Books!

What is virtual accounting?

As the name states, virtual accounting is accounting done virtually by a professional. The professional accountant provides their service through online sessions rather than working in the office. It offers all the same benefits as an office accountant. The plus side is the time saved waiting for your in-person accountant to arrive to the office. You can have video sessions with your accountant as well as send necessary documents via email, directly via the accounting software (yes you can drop documents via QBO as an example), and many other methods. With Trust Your Books, communication also includes texting and sometimes even during off hours. Building trust between client and virtual accountant is our top priority.

Does virtual accounting help your business?

Here is how virtual accounting will help you grow your small business:

A virtual accountant will help you save money, first and foremost. Here is how it will happen:

A virtual accountant will manage all your accounting requirements as they are trained accounting specialists, and you won’t have to appoint a full-time employee to manage your financial statements. They will help you minimize your expenses as you won’t have to pay a salary and other payroll expenses to a full-time employee. Instead you would be paying the accountant whenever you require their services or a fixed monthly rate as an independent contractor.

Secondly, a virtual accounting service allows you to communicate things easily from anywhere around the world!

Save your money by hiring the best virtual accounting service in New York- Trust Your Books!

Trust Your Books is a virtual service provider for all bookkeeping and accounting needs, from setting up your new business to easy-flow, everyday maintenance. Trust Your Books will indeed make up for all your financial needs! We are always within your reach! We provide the first 30-minute consultation absolutely free! Visit our website and book your slot before this offer gets over!

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